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Chapter: six
Beyond the Looking Glass

Sherlock’s eyes opened with snap, his body quickly jolting up as he looked around the area he was in, he scarcely remembered where he was until the sound of muffled grunts filled his ears. Getting up quickly he soon regretted it the swirling of his head along with the fierce pounding alluded to him that he had been served a mighty blow to the head, grunting and gasping he quickly tried to compose himself before finding the source of the grunting noises.
Taking a few careful steps forward he made his way over to a nearby wall in which he used to support himself while his senses came back to him. Rounding a corner Sherlock’s vision quickly focused on a figure before him that seemed to move around.
“John?” he muttered as he slowly stood up “John is that you?”
The figure upon hearing this name grunted loudly a muffled ‘Sherlock’ validating Sherlock’s question. Quickly with as much haste as he could muster he made his way over to John quickly untying the gag that had be around his mouth.
“Well you took your sweet time didn’t you Sherlock, mind me asking what took so long?” asked John as he assisted Sherlock with the rope that bound him.
“Had to deal with some internal issues but not to worry it’s all fixed now.” Replied Sherlock as he helped his friend up.
“Is it really?”
“No, not really but all in due time, or as the saying goes I suppose.”
“Sherlock your head good Christ what happen to it?” asked John as he noticed his friends head was in fact bleeding.
“Ah, yes it would appear that I also have sustained head trauma I would have gotten medical help but my doctor was a bit tied up.”  Chuckled Sherlock
“You little smart-ass is now the time to be making wise cracks? Come on we need to get you out of here and to a hospital.” Stated John, as he helped his friend.
“Yes lets hurry I’m sure Lestrade is growing impatient waiting on us.” Commented Sherlock as he leaned on his friends shoulder.
John looked to his friend with a confused look on his face. “What do you mean Lestrade will be waiting on us? Did you call in for back up Sherlock?”
Sherlock let out a loud grunt of pain before answering. “No John I came alone on this endeavor but never say that the dead is not kind and generous.”
After what seemed like hours of walking the two fellows arrived back at the entrance that lead them down to the cellar bellow, one after the other the two climbed out of the dark hole into the morning rays of sunlight that shined through the broken glass of the greenhouse. Quickly the two picked up on the sounds of shouting and yelling quickly John ran out hollering at the voices as Sherlock slowly followed behind, but before leaving he quickly took a look back smiling ever so slightly he muttered to himself.
“Through the looking glass we go dear sister, and we will meet again.”

On a dull Sunday morning Mycroft Holmes waltzed into elegant looking café filled to the brim with people drinking their brew of choice paying no mind to anyone around them. Looking around the café he made his way to the back where two men stood blocking a doorway, Mycroft walked up to them both his head held high.
“Name.” Grunted one of the men, as they looked at Mycroft their faces showing no traces of emotion.
“White Rabbit” He replied. The two men looked at each other before giving a nod and allowing Mycroft access upstairs. Making his way upstairs, he quickly came to another door in which he pulled a simple but elegantly made brass key, putting the key in the hole, he turned it upon hearing the clicking noise he pushed the door open.
“Sorry I’m late” he said as he walked into the room; the door he quickly shut behind him. “Traffic was hell and I had to check on Sherlock after all you lot did do a number on him.”
“Rosemarie sends her apologizes.”
“I’m sure she dose and what of Claire? What has she discovered?”
“Not much but not to worry we will figure this out all while helping our dear Sherlock along.”
“That’s all well and good but I must ask how you are?”
“I’m grand why do you ask?”
“Well you tell me, after all are you not supposed to be dead? Eh Scarlet?” asked Mycroft as a he stared into the eyes of a young short auburn haired woman who only smiled at him.
Chapter 6
Chapter 6 everyone its the end of this tale but not for long. 
BBC Sherlock belongs to BBC
Sherlock Holmes belongs to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 
Chapter: Five
Sherlock blinked a few times letting his eyes adjust to the light before showing that he was no longer in the tunnel but in the green house, again but this time it’s before the over growth took over.
“What, what’s going on here?” he asked aloud clearly confused.
“So I guess you don’t like the nickname then, ey Sherlock?”
Sherlock looked around for the source of the voice in question when his eyes finally fell upon a small figure with shoulder length auburn hair that curled at the bottom when the figure turned around he saw the sparkle in her eyes.
“What.” Stated Sherlock as he stood there in disbelief at what his eyes where showing him, surely it was a trick being played on him , he could not possibly be seeing her here and now of all places, and yet there she stood looking at him a pout ever present on her face.
“The nickname Sherlock I have decided to call you Caterpillar like from Alice in Wonderland.”
Sherlock stopped breathing for a moment to allow him a chance to think before speaking. “Ah yes, Caterpillar and may I ask why you choose to call me that?”
Scarlet giggled before turning back to the plant she was tending too. “Well I did not think any other character fit you more than the Caterpillar honestly, you two almost act similar in many ways, and besides Mycroft is the white rabbit if it makes you feel better.”
Sherlock let out a deep chuckle before looking around, he knew this was not real whether a memory or not this was not where he was meant to be and he knew this.  Observing his surroundings, he knew exactly what was happening and chooses to face it head on; knowing the consequences that lay beyond.
“Scarlet.” He called out to her as he straightened his back, his face gaining a stone like appearance “What are you doing here?”
“Whatever, do you mean Sherlock? I always come here to tend to the plants you know this.” She replied
“True, but you and I both know that this is impossibility.”
“And how is that Sherlock?”
“You’re dead.”
With that comment, Scarlet stopped what she was doing, placing the plant trimmers down she slowly turned and looked at Sherlock her eyes locked with his as the two stared each other down.
“Because Sherlock this is the only way.” Explained Scarlet, leaning back against the table her arms folding against her chest.
“Only way for what?” Questioned Sherlock, Scarlet did not answer at first which irritated Sherlock he hated when she acted like this, like a child who did not get their way. “Only for what Scarlet, and this time I am not asking.”
“The only way for you to come to terms Sherlock it’s the only way you’ll find the truth.”
“What do you mean, come to terms for what, to find the truth to what?” he asked slightly shaken
“You know what I mean Sherlock; I know you’re not stupid in any form of the word a bit dense at times but not stupid.”
Sherlock looked at her for what felt like the longest time before he was struck with the greatest realization of all time the piece of the puzzle that had been eluding him all this time was now staring him in the face.
“You’re death.” He muttered aloud which caused Scarlet to smile at him.
“Yes what about it, you keep talking about it like it’s going out of style or something.”
“Something about it, yes something about it was always off putting but I never realized it until now, something I had over looked while I was emotionally blinded, but what, what on earth could it possibly be?”  Inquired Sherlock as he stood thinking his mind racing like a cocaine induced hamster on its wheel.
“Yes Sherlock what could it possibly be?” asked Scarlet in an almost mocking tone. Sherlock looked up at her a mischievous smile graced her lips, she knew and was enjoying him not knowing.
“Enjoying this aren’t you?”
“Only a little bit.”
“Why not help me, instead of standing there watching me run around in circles.”  He asked
“That’s all I’ve ever done though Sherlock from the day mother, and father brought be into the family I have watched and observed you, Mycroft, everyone from day one. However, I am feeling a bit generous so I will allow you one clue. “With a snap of her finger the room began to shift and change, the light colors slowly became darker; the sun rays were replaced with bright light bulbs. Looking around Sherlock immediately knew where he was.
“Why did you bring us here?”
“You said you wanted a clue and now I’ve given you one, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth Sherlock.”
Sherlock took a deep breath as his eyes moved away from Scarlet to the sheet that was on the table. Dread filled Sherlock’s heart he did not want to have to go through this again.
“Don’t be nervous, go on it’s only me under there.” Commented Scarlet as she stared up at her older brother who seemed to become immobilized at the thought. “Sherlock you cannot keep doing this to yourself, you’re so close to the truth just go over there please.”
“I can’t.”
“What do you mean, why can’t you?”
“Because I.”
“Because you what? Sherlock please tell me what is it.” Scarlet was pleading now with the older male trying to get an answer out of him.
“Because I failed you.” Croaked Sherlock as he looked down at Scarlet “I failed to keep you safe when I swore I’d always would, and because of that failure your life was cut short.”
“Sherlock.” Scarlet muttered as she looked up at him, her eyes making contact with his again.
“The day Mycroft called me I didn’t want to believe it, the moment I saw your body on the slab I drove myself into denial.” Sherlock’s voice started to rise as he continued his rant. “It took me three years just to visit you and for what? To receive some random message from beyond the grave, to play this twisted game, just so I could relive all this pain?” Sherlock had become hysterical at this point causing Scarlet to back away from her brother slightly.
“It is the only way Sherlock, the only way you’re going to be able to understand.” Stated Scarlet
“The only way, THE ONLY WAY, you keep saying that sentence but I don’t think you know what that means!” Shouted Sherlock
“No Sherlock I know exactly what it means, you are the one who doesn’t seem to understand! Now stop acting like a child and put your head on straight or else John will die.”
“John, what about John how do you know about him?” asked Sherlock as he calmed down slightly.
“I told you I’ve been watching since day one Sherlock I know everything you do.” Replied Scarlet “Now go over there and get your answer before it is too late.”
Sherlock followed her gaze to the body under the sheet. “I’m afraid to.” He said looking back at her.
“Don’t be; just go trust me the truth is worth knowing.”
Sherlock took a deep breath as he gazed at Scarlet before turning his attention back to the sheet. Making is way over was painfully slow almost to the point where he thought time itself has slowed down, once there he hovered his hand over the top of the sheet not wanting to remove it, not wanting to see her laying there lifeless. But something kept urging him to do so, a warm comforting hand on his shoulder somehow brought him a little peace as he removed the sheet revealing to him all he need to know.
Covering the body back up Sherlock turned back around to see Scarlet in front of the doorway leading out she had a serious look on her face letting him know that any games were over.
“Well, you know the truth now how do you feel?”
“I feel nothing.”
“Do not lie to me Sherlock Holmes you know I don’t like it when you lie.” Replied Scarlet
“Very well then, I feel that you and I are going to have a long discussion about trust when I find you.”
“When, don’t you mean if you find me?” she asked smiling at him.
“No I don’t.” he replied back with a smile to match hers
“Well then I suppose I shouldn’t keep you any longer you do have a doctor to save after all.” Scarlet grinned as she stepped aside allowing Sherlock to exit through the double doors and into a bright ball of light.
Chapter 5
Fifth chapter of the Sherlock FanFic 
BBC sherlock belongs to BBC
Sherlock holmes belongs to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 
Chapter: Four
It Begins

Sherlock paced about the flat unsure of where he should start. It was clear to him that whoever had John was playing mind games with him especially with these “Alice” jokes did they honestly think that he would believe them. Doubtful, but something in the back of his mind was screaming at him very loudly in fact, it was screaming so loud that he could barely think let alone hear his phone ring.

His phone, the loud buzzing sound and vibrations of the table being shaken pulled his attention to it. Walking over he picked it up, turning it on he then unlocked it and saw that there was a message for him.

“How much longer must this game of ours go on Caterpillar?”

Sherlock scowled at the message before replying to it.

“Where is John? What have you done with him?” –SH

He waited for a reply. The wait felt like hours until the message finally appeared.

“The king of hearts is safe… With us. However, if you do not believe that to be true come to the old greenhouse and see for yourself.

“What do you mean “With us?” -SH

Sherlock waited for the reply but it did not come.  He groaned and growled clearly showing his frustration with whoever this person was! He for once was unsure of who the villain behind this was. They were obviously taking every precaution and step to make sure he did not figure them out, only leaving clues that he would for sure find.

Sherlock looked around the flat eyeing the whole room trying to think his eye soon landed on the ring that helped him receive the dark message. Picking it up he scanned it, Mycroft  told him before that he knew this ring and he was right but not like he’d ever tell him that.

Sherlock continued to look at the ring and then thought back to all the other things that had happened the messages, the bottle and now the ring. Sherlock’s eyes grew in size after another thought crossed his mind… a thought that he had not calculated that would make everything that had happen make so much sense!

“Of Course, It was plain as day before! I was just too blind to see it!” with those words Sherlock rushed to grab his coat and scarf before heading out the door and hailing down a taxi.


It was now one in the morning 7 hours since John was taken. Sherlock stepped out of the cab that had brought him to a place that he never thought he would ever come back to.

The Greenhouse.

This place brought back several memories that Sherlock wished would stay buried. Looking around he could see tiny flashbacks of him coming here when it was not so over grown and the foliage had not taken over. He could see himself with another person…Scarlet; he could see her smile and almost hear her laughter.

However, that alone was not enough to keep the dark memory from showing its revolting face.


It was a normal day in June Sherlock remembered it well. It had been surprisingly warm for that month or for London in general, Sherlock stood against a wall taking a drag from the cigarette in between his fingers before exhaling it. It had been a less then eventful day, there had been nothing going on, no murders, no kidnappings with outrageous ransoms, nothing, it soured Sherlock’s mood greatly almost to the point where he was ready to commit his own act of violence if it meant something would happen.

Sherlock dropped the fag on the ground before snuffing it out with his foot only to receive a text message. He pulled out his phone quickly and looked at it; he chuckled at the sight of the message.

“Hey Sherly! I see you! <3 –Alice”

“Oh? And just where am I then? –SH

He waited for a reply but then was jumped from behind by someone shorter then him and giggling to no end. Sherlock turned around and hugged the person before pulling away to look at them. The person was a short woman about maybe 5”8, she had shoulder length mahogany almost auburn hair, which curled and flipped at the ends showing the wild side, her eyes resembled Sherlock’s except in hers there was a spark of some kind that gave energy and life to any who looked in them. She wore a smile that was big and bright and had a laugh that sounded like bells.

“Scarlet dear sister what have I told you about jumping on me from behind?” Asked Sherlock, as he quirked an eyebrow at her.

“Always do it from the front so that you can catch me better?”

Sherlock grinned at her before hugging her again and kissing her forehead.

“Close enough.”


Sherlock was at the police headquarters when he received a phone call. It was Mycroft.

“Sherlock we must talk” Stated Mycroft bluntly showing no emotion with in the call.

Sherlock scoffed clearly no amused by his brothers unwanted call but something was stopping him from hanging up the phone the way he sounded seemed different even if he was trying to hid it.

“Oh? And what are we talking about then Mycroft.” Asked Sherlock, as he paced up and down the halls with the phone in his hand.
There was a sigh on the other end of the phone before Mycroft spoke.
“Sherlock” he paused before speaking again “Its Scarlet”
Sherlock felt his body go numb and his veins run cold.
“Is, Is she alright?” he asked trying to stay clam
“No, Sherlock, she” there was another brief pause before he spoke “she is dead.”
When Sherlock lost Red Beard he cried, yes he was a child then so he could, losing Red Beard was like losing a friend but over time he mended if you will and accepted it but this, this was different this was more than losing a friend he was losing someone who was important to him.
Sherlock remembered the trip to the morgue, his mother in tears, his father trying to comfort her while trying to be strong and failing as tears fell from his eyes as well and Mycroft who looked bleak and ill as if the plague had come and infected him.
The two brothers shared a glance before Sherlock walked into the examination room. The room was cold and dim; there was a table in front of him with a white cloth over it and something under it. Sherlock stared at the sheet for what seemed like to him hours before he walked over and took the sheet pulling it back.
He felt his throat tighten and all the air leave his lungs. He looked at the pale face of his dead sister with the feeling of nausea run through him threatening to come forth and cover everything before him. Sure, he had seen many crime scenes and mutilated corpses but seeing this made him want nothing more than to vomit. She looked almost unrecognizable. Her once peachy skin was now a ghostly pale, her auburn hair was a mess Sherlock couldn’t tell what was her hair and what wasn’t and her eyes though closed he knew no longer had that spark in them it was gone, all of it was, everything that made Scarlet his sister was gone just as she was.
Sherlock’s breathing became heavy as he began to realize he was having a breakdown. The room was closing in on him everything was getting smaller. Shortly before his collapse, he heard voice around him most sounded panicked but only one was clam and he knew that to be Mycroft’s.
It was a few hours later when Sherlock came to. He was in his brother’s home somewhere he really wished not to be but at this point, he really did not care. A few minutes later Mycroft entered the room with that all knowing look he always gave Sherlock.
The brothers just stayed quiet not saying a word the only sound being the grandfather clocks ticking sound.
“Sherlock” said Mycroft trying to get his brothers attention but when he did not reply he just decided to continue knowing that he could hear him he just refusing to speak.
“Sherlock, I know this is hard on you. It is for me as well” he paused waiting for a reaction before speaking again.
“But you must overcome this if it makes it any better she felt no pain”
Still Sherlock did not answer him. Mycroft sighed before getting up to leave the room giving his brother one last look.
“The funeral is in one week Sherlock,” he told him as he walked out the door.
Sherlock did not go to funeral he did not want to see that thing that was once his sister again. It would be two years before he could even muster the courage to ask where she was buried and another year before he would go to see her.
Now here Sherlock stood in place that he had not been to in a few years, in the dark of night looking for his closest friend before the unthinkable happened. Sherlock started walking forward past the broken door, shattered glass and foliage before stepping upon a hatch that stood out amongst rot and green.
Getting down he lifted the hatch with ease looking down he could see nothing, pulling out his flashlight he could then see a ladder and what looked like a path way. Placing the flashlight in his mouth, he descended into the dark hole once on the hard floor he used his light to see around and notice that the hall itself was straight and narrow leading one direction.
Sherlock too slow and steady steps forward making sure to create as little as sound as possible, as he crept forward he could hear the sound of voices in front of him, counting he could tell there were at least three maybe four individuals before him. Soon he made his way to the end of the hall where a door was he could see light creeping from the bottom of it. The voices much louder than before taking a deep breath he took the knob in his grasp, twisting the nob he pushed the door open getting engulfed in a bright light and hearing a voice that was so familiar to him that it hurt.
“Hello Caterpillar it’s been a long time.”
Chapter 4
Chapter 4: It Begins 
Hello world its been a while..a long while. 
Yea I know its been a while since I posted anything let alone this story, but the reason for it is mainly where I wanted this to go and I believe after talking to a friend of mine I now know where I want to take this. 
So here ya'll are Chapter 4 of my Sherlock Fanfic. 
BBC Sherlock belongs to the BBC 
Sherlock Holmes belongs to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 
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